Key Findings

► RSPO continues to be the only certification system that is being relied upon by these importers for claiming achievement or progress towards their NDPE policies, but only one company is currently buying 100% RSPO certified palm. Non-RSPO certified volumes typically do not have verifiable claims to conforming with company NDPE policies.
► Of the importers that also have growing operations, all – except for one – have less than 20% of their palm supply from their own plantations, meaning third party suppliers are the primary supply channels for importers. The highest environmental and ethical policies, standards and evidence of conformance are often limited to own operations only.
► Third party traded volumes are often not included within the boundaries of company deforestation and exploitation commitments. Few disclose any information regarding these volumes, including RSPO certification status.
► Most companies have not disclosed how their approaches will change after missing their 2020 zero-deforestation targets.