Key Findings

► Trader ambition is out of step with due diligence expectations on traceability, with many traders having either no traceability to plantation target or a target of 2030. It is expected that untraceable volumes will be shifted to outside the UK and EU markets as a result.

► Smallholders are at risk of exclusion from supply chains as lack of transparency from middle actors makes it difficult for smallholder supply to meet importer traceability and deforestation targets, including due diligence expectations.

► There are no time-bound plans in place for meeting and verifying human rights commitments.

► There is misalignment amongst major palm oil handlers in their methodologies for calculating and achieving verified deforestation-free palm volumes.

► Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) policies predominantly cover only new plantations, thereby excluding expansion, and are not being effectively implemented.

► Science-based targets (SBTs) are being set by companies, but there is limited action taking place to reduce emissions despite the new Forest, Land and Agriculture (FLAG) guidance increasing expectations for companies with SBTs).