Importer Assessment

We engage and review the major international first importers of palm oil to determine how they are tackling deforestation and exploitation in their palm oil supply chains. Our approach aims to promote transparency and encourage progress beyond certification.


How committed is the company to delivering a more sustainable palm industry?


What targets are being used to transition their operations, including those of their third-party suppliers?


What plans and policies have been adopted and how have they been implemented?


What evidence is available to demonstrate actions are delivering on their promise?

Research process…

Step 1

Top ten importer identification and prioritisation by POTC Members

Step 2

Desk-based importer research and one-to-one performance reviews with importers

Step 3

Member-specific performance assessment and benchmarking

Enabling approach

  • Greater transparency of the progress First Importers are making towards zero deforestation and exploitation-free palm oil supply chains.
  • Individual businesses to make more informed decisions for sourcing, financing or engagement, based on tailored weighting which represents individual companies’ responsible sourcing policies or standards.
  • Faster progress towards the supply of zero deforestation palm oil for all major export markets.

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